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Upholstery cleaning companyspongeSpecializing in carpet washing, sofa cleaning and curtain washing 

We come to you at your location to wash the furniture without having to move it 

Upholstery steam cleaning is safe.. fast.. deeper cleaning! 

An experience that satisfie and refreshes your life.

Enjoy the cleanliness of your furniture without having to move it to clean.

At the time and the location of your choosing

شركة تنظيف مفروشات في الرياض

Steam cleaning with the latest curtains, sofa and carpet cleaning machines.

Specialized devices for cleaning furniture make you feel the difference

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Clean the toughest stains from furniture with cloth-safe materials.

For both leather and fabric, the detergent your furniture needs

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A prepared team and integrated tools.. An experience that makes you feel the difference.

A specialist team who provides you with the best service of the highest quality

غسيل كنب الرياض

Let your furniture

return new.

Because quality is our motto, we offer a guarantee of service in curtain, sofa and carpet cleaning services

Follow up on your request through customer service because customer satisfaction is our goal


You have a question?
We have the answer.

Book a service

,Book via WhatsApp to clean sofas curtains and carpets in your home, select your location, and we will be there

Online chat

We are ready to answer your inquiry and assist you with your order

Call us

We are just a phone call away to help you with any questions or suggestions you have because you deserve the best furniture washing experience

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