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Steam wash is your car shiny friend.

Steam wash the car inside and outside, a deep cleaning that makes you feel the difference

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Why Sponge.

Car wax protection layer

The most important thing that distinguishes us is quality, so we apply a wax layer after the start of washing the car to ensure that it is preserved and that no damage is caused to it.

Car dashboard cleaning

The Sponge team uses the latest technology, as it removes dust first and then uses steam to clean and polish the car dashboard completely.

Sterilization and perfuming the car

Sanitizing and perfuming the entire car is a service provided to you by the Sponge Mobile Laundry in Riyadh, after making sure that the car is fully washed and cleaned

Steam wash for the entire body

We guarantee our customers a full steam car wash, as we can clean and steam all types of cars and deliver them as required. 

Reach the most difficult places

We rely on the latest equipment to ensure a complete car wash and the use of steam that helps reach difficult places

Interior cleaning of the entire car

You can request the Sponge team to get a deep interior cleaning of your car, starting from the interior windows and the car mat, cleaning and drying all car seats.

Steam wash is different with us.

Effectively clean and polish the car inside and out, and get the best steam wash for your car in the least possible time.

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Packages that suit your needs.

Packages include car steam wash, interior and exterior car steam wash, Interior and exterior cleaning of the car for the best steam wash result.The Sponge Company, which specializes in cleaning and washing mobile cars, usesSteam technology in car washing, the steam technology that Sponge mobile car wash company relies on in Riyadh works on the best car cleaning tools and products, as it works on effective cleaning and disinfection of cars, with superior efficiency and steam technology within methods that are characterized by effectiveness and speed in performance


Steam Wash


Steam Wash


Steam Wash


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